The Results of 4 Months of Regular Exercise

I started exercising again on September 12, 2010. That was after a 9 month self-imposed hiatus. Arguably one of the dumbest decisions in my life, but that's how it goes sometimes. I started on September 12th because that was the first day that both of my children were in school.

I was finally going to have regular "me time" and I knew that exercising was how I wanted to spend that time. I started out exercising just 3 days a week. Pretty low intensity. In fact, I was outraged by how much strength and endurance I had lost.

After a month or so, I kicked my routine up to 4 or 5 days of exercise. And except for vacations and a nasty sinus infection, I have been consistently hitting the gym at least 4 days a week. Sometimes it's an intense workout, sometimes it's a moderate workout, and sometimes it's an all out ass kicking.

I took "before" pictures and measurements. I haven't taken any "after" shots yet (since I can see the results in the mirror, lol) and because I don't consider myself "finished." But I have taken monthly measurements and kept detailed records on each workout's progress. I'm going to post the results here:

All-in-all, I'm happy to see progress, but I'm kind of wishing for more. It's not that I expected to be Ms Olympia after 4 months, but but I was hoping to lose a lot more body fat and maybe a few more inches.

My thought is that it's going to take time. I basically ignored my body for the last 7 years (since first becoming pregnant) and went on total crap-out for the 9 months leading up to this newest exercise endeavor, so I can't expect all to be perfect after only 4 months.

It's finally starting to "sink in" that it's not all about exercise. That's just the fun part. As much as I fight it out in the gym, I still say yes to candy and treats more often than I should. And so for the next few months, I'm going to be looking closer at what (and how much) I'm eating.

In the next 4-6 months I hope to finally reach my goals. What are they again? Be able to complete a few unassisted pullups (no cheating), run at least 5 miles, and lose another 4-5% body fat. No significant change in weight.

I'm thinking about adding "one arm" and handstand pushups to my goals. But not just yet. ;) In my next update, I'll revise my goals and add pictures (yikes!)


Dee said...

Way to go!! I am just now trying to get back into exercise.

Over Thirty Mommy said...

Good work! I recently decided to get back into shape and snack less. I am not going to diet or give up all snacks and chocolate because that would fail but I am going to make an effort to eat smarter and rather than snack all day, I will eat real meals.

Congrats on the results thus far and I will keep watching for updates.

Richele said...

Sounds like you are doing well! I am just starting my effort to lose years of donuts and cheeseburgers still left on my hips. :) keep it up!

Calotren said...

Great goal: Keep it up.

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