Getting Organized: I finally own a purse!

This year, I'm going to get organized. No, it's not a New Year's resolution. I just finally feel like I'm coming back alive. I finally have regular breaks from my kids and housework and I feel like I'm starting to be me again. No more space-out moments, lost paperwork, and pockets full of keys.

I went out of my "norm" and bought a purse. It's small, it's red, and it cost $4.24 (75% off clearance at Target.) I've been carrying the purse for about 2 weeks now and it's still intact. Nothing extra has been added, and I actually felt weird when I left it at home to go to my daughter's swim meet tonight! Yay!

It's one of many steps I'm taking to organization. What's in the purse? Lip gloss, a few credit cards, my license, 2 vinyl coupon packets, my cell phone, and my car key. Woo! That's all I ever needed and as long as I can keep everything else out.....this carrying a purse thing just might work out well for me.

**In case you were wondering, I've also put myself on a cleaning "schedule." I've done a great job of sticking to my fitness schedule and I thought I might as well try to schedule the yuck stuff. Menu planning is still eluding me and I'm working hard to make grocery shopping a once-a-week only chore. But by the time my daughter is off to Kindergarten, I hope to be one organized machine. ;)


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