Decorating your home with Clocks

I can't tell you why, but I am attracted to clocks. We have a big clock right above our kitchen pantry. I have artwork depicting Wall Clocks, I look at antique clocks at garage sales, I check them out at home stores.

When we finished our remodeling project this year, the first thing I thought was - what kind of clock am I going to put in this space. It took everything in me to settle for the timer on the oven. Not the same, I know!

Large Wall clocks are a favorite in my home. They look elegant; regal even. And clocks are great for any decorating style. I prefer traditional styling, but there are even amazing looking contemporary Kitchen wall clocks and really great old grandfather clocks.

I think they add class to your home (much better than the oven timers and digital alarm clocks most of us have around our homes). Oh bother, now I'm thinking about other places to decorate with clocks. Somebody stop me!


Anna said...

I'm the same way with salt and pepper shakers!!

hilly47 said...

Clocks provide a lot of just plain comfort, especially when you can hear them tick. We have clocks everywhere and most are just "static" and serve no purpose other than looks. I love the sound of a clock ticking. I have several clock with chimes and that is a real bonus - Westminster chimes are my favorite. I recently came across an old clock that may have been ticking during the Civil War and still ticks away! It could tell some stories I bet!

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