Can you Hula Hoop Yourself Fit?

Hula Hooping - It's not just for kids! In fact, I love to spin a hoop. If you haven't added it to your exercise routine, I'd highly recommend it. 

Is it a great workout? Sadly, I'm going to have to say....No. Or at least it's not a sweaty workout. But it is a lot of fun. I could hoop for hours (if the music is thumping). It does help tighten your core and improve your balance.

The reasons to add it... Fun and variety. 

I've found hooping to be a great activity to do between weight sets. Between sets, I either sprint, hoop, dance, or vacuum (**be advised that vacuuming can lead to more vacuuming and forgetting to get back to your workout - I don't recommend it!) Hula hooping is way better than "sitting down" and it's a great way to pass the time between sets. Just don't hoop yourself past 1 song or you'll have "rested" for a little too long. 

The other huge benefits: you can do this with your kids. You can set up a "dance party" with your kids and hoop to your favorite songs. You can also create obstacle courses with your hoop and have all sorts of fun with it.

You can spin it on your arms, legs, or neck to work those areas. And you can often find hula hoops for less than $10. Mine cost $6 and is silvery, sparkling fun. 

I've been thinking about getting a weighted hoop (to up the benefits). Anyone have any thoughts about weighted hoops or hula hoop workouts in general? I'm always looking for more ways to add fun and efficiency to my workouts. I appreciate your suggestions.


Amiyrah said...

Hi Angela!

I loved this post! Last year, I wrote about how I use hula hooping, along with some other household items, to stay in shape and my readers loved the tips! Thanks for reminding me to pick up that hula hoop again and starting spinning!

If you want to see my post from last year, here it is:

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get a hoop. Only $6 would be great

Momma Teri said...

My daughter would hug you for sharing this. She is always telling me to get to hooping with her. She is a smart lady and I think I will take her up on it this spring. I bet it will help work wonders on the tummy, abs and hips.

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