You have great teeth!

I may have better teeth than a hippo - but we're even when it comes to the "cheeks," lol
Doctor's always tell me crazy things. I think they feel like they have to make compliments to have good bedside manner. I don't know. Recently, my current gynecologist commented on how strong my abs were. Sweet.

A former gynecologist once gave me a different compliment..... hence the use of the word former. And just the other day, my dentist and her hygienist went on an on about my teeth.

They were so impressed by the health and color of my teeth. Especially for my pale skin tone. Okay, weird, but you know what - I'm going to own it. I don't feel good about my appearance all that often, so I'm going to take the teeth compliment to heart.

I have a good friend that has the best abs of all time. She has three kids and abs that could put any fitness model to shame. But she's sensitive about it. A bunch of girls were commenting on how awesome she looked and she went wild. She yelled out, "They're all I have. The rest of my live sucks and if I didn't have good abs, I'd have nothing!". Whoa. - but there's wisdom in her rant.

My skin may be loaded with cruddy stretch marks and my brain feels like swiss cheese, but damn it, I have good teeth and I'm going to be happy about it!


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