Welcome to 2008 - TechnoGrandma Gets and Ipod Touch!

Well, it finally happened. I have entered the world of iPod Touchowners. I would have never predicted it, but it just made sense. I can't tell you how many review opportunities I receive (paid even!) for Ipod Touch apps, and I always have to turn them down.

Not anymore! Besides - maybe I can actually become a better blogger since I'll be able to check my blog emails and send out tweets while I'm away from the computer....which just so happens to be 99% of the day, just saying.  Well - here's to investing in this little bitty blogging world.


Kara said...

I am a new follower from Mom Bloggers Club and would love to here how you became so sucessful. My brand new blog is http://tizzilish-kara.blogspot.com

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