Tuna Treats - Reya's Vlog Review

When it comes to feeding my cat, I'm fairly picky. I'm not a fan of by-products, grains, additives, etc. When I got the opportunity to review CittyKitty's newest line of TunaTreats, I quickly checked out the ingredients: 100% All Natural Bonito (Skip Jack Tuna.) Count me in!

Our package of TunaTreats arrived on Christmas Eve, so we thought it would be fun to "give" them to Reya as a Christmas gift. I put the sealed box among all the other gifts. She was immediately interested in the box. She had shown very little interest in any of the other packages, and the TunaTreat box was not the only plain box.

She could tell there was something inside that she wanted. She scratched, bit, and rolled at the box. I thought she was going to open "her gift" in the middle of the night. Since she's a tad lazy, we lucked out and got to watch her open it on Christmas morning.

She was really, really interested! She wanted the package. And as soon as it was opened....she shoved her face right into the canister. She gobbled up every little piece we gave her. And mewed for more!

She was so hot for them, I attempted to take a few videos of her with the treats. She was attacking the jar like   crazy before I got the camera out...

 Keep a few things in mind while watching these 2 short videos. #1 Reya is a lazy performer. She stops all cute behavior as soon as she notices the camera. #2 I edited out all her cleaning, staring, and listening breaks. #3 My kids may be yelling in the background. It's almost impossible to edit them out....

Here's Reya Rolling around the jar of TunaTreats. She never rolls around lovingly, so this was impressive for her.

Here's Reya getting a sample of TunaTreats.

There are a few things you should know about TunaTreats. Most importantly, they are made of 100% Natural Tuna. You can buy them at Amazon or www.tunatreats.com and you can give them to both cats and dogs! They come in 2oz, 6oz, and 1lb containers.

The jar is super easy for dispensing and does contain the "tuna scent" for humans,  but not to cats. We've had to put our container inside of a sealed ziploc bag to keep our cat away from the cupboards. She loves them that much!

*No compensation was received for this review. I did receive a complimentary canister of TunaTreats for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Miriam T. said...

I guess it's a good thing cats don't have opposable thumbs.

Anonymous said...

go kitty go

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