RainCoast Trading Tuna & Salmon Review

I have been in the market for a BPA-free canned tuna for quite some time. As luck would have it, RainCoast Trading offered me a chance to try their canned seafood products. Just reading about the products, I was already sold:

Raincoast Trading sells premium, wild seafood products caught using eco-friendly fishing practices. They cook the seafood only once and pack them in their natural juices. No water or oil!  There are no additives or preservatives. No antibiotics or hormones. And no BPA in their cans.

Awesome! But how did they taste. First, let me tell you that when I opened the can I was surprised. I'm used to draining out excess liquid and seeing a flaky fish left behind. There was very little liquid and the fish was just fish. It wasn't mushed up or flaked - just what fish is supposed to look like.

It tasted great and scored huge points for being eco and nutritionally friendly. If you are in the market for a healthy, eco-friendly seafood option, I highly recommend RainCoast Trading.

Even better! You can win a Year's supply of Tuna and Salmon (for 2 people). Check it out here. 

*No compensation was received for this review. RainCoast Trading did send me tuna and salmon samples for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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