My first Chin up - Wahoo!

On the last day of our Hawaiian vacation, I noticed an obstacle course on the beach. So my children and I stumbled through it. The last "obstacle" was a bar that stated "do 10 chin ups."

So without thinking, I grabbed the bar and successfully completed a full chin up. No cheating. No jumping or squirming. Just up and over. Wahoo!

As soon as I let myself down, I thought - "Hey, why not try a pull up!" I've been slowly working toward an unassisted pull up for the last few months, so this was the perfect chance. I grabbed the bar and....almost, almost, kick, kick, kick, yay. Crap. I kicked my way to the top. Cheating - yes. But progress all the same.

Try again, you say? By then my muscles were spent. Yes, I am a one chin up wonder. But I have never been able to complete a full pull up or chin up (cheating or not) and I am so excited about my progress.

I came back home from the vacation with a renewed fire for progressive overload and hit the gym hard. By the time the parks defrost, I'm hoping to be able to do a full pull up - or a few full pull ups - no cheating!


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