How do you repair a Diastasis Recti? Bounce Back Fast DVD review

If you've recently had a baby (or even not so recently) then you are most likely familiar with the term: Diastasis Recti.  During my second pregnancy, the doctor's told me that I had a severe diastasis recti. Already being a mother at the time (read: too tired to notice my own problems), I never gave the doctor's comments much thought.

In fact, I never even focused on getting back into pre-baby shape until my second child was 4 years old. So sad, right? many of us put our children first in everything, and in the end we really lose out.

So around that four year mark, I ran my butt off (literally) but even when I made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my tummy was in rough shape. My body building friend said never "work your ab muscles because it would just make your tummy bigger." So I didn't!

I recently learned that I still have separation in my abdominal muscles. How could that be? It turns out that you actually need to work at healing your abs after pregnancy. And that crunches and other stomach exercises can actually make the separation worse.

Was I in such a brain fog that I completely missed all this information? Probably. And maybe you've been in a fog too.

It wasn't until I started reading up on post-partum bellies that I came across Helene Byrne is a personal trainer and author focusing on healing the post-partum body. Even the post, post partum bodies.

Helene was generous enough to send me her award winning video "Bounce Back Fast!" She warned me that the video was not fast paced and that it's highly focused on the abdominals. She was right.

The video has a very yoga-like feel to it. It's not rushed and Helene's instructions and tone are calming and quiet. At first, I had a hard time with this. Then I thought to myself - "NO! Why can't I take 30 minutes to myself and just enjoy the moment? Why does everything I do have to be rush, rush, rush?" I know the answer. They were running around me as I watched (and performed the video).

They even stole the green resistance band from me just before I needed it in the video. Grrr.... Once I let myself enjoy the slower pace (and busied the kids upstairs!) I really enjoyed the workout.

I wish I had started it right after delivery. What were my favorite parts? I really like that the video came with a resistance band - the same one used in the dvd so you really felt like you had everything to complete the exercises just as they were on the screen.

I appreciated her section on kegels and strengthening the pelvic floor. While we all "know" this info; we really don't, and I certainly don't focus enough attention strengthening that area. And that area gets hit hard during pregnancy and delivery!

I liked that the dvd was ab focused and REALLY showed how to activate the transverse abdominals.  She showed how to detect and heal a diastasis recti. The entire dvd was really focused on healing your body (your whole body) after pregnancy.

It was all solid advice. I wish I had watched it (& performed it) after delivering my babies, but in all honesty I would have probably shelved it and thought I'd get back to it later. Tsk, tsk. Don't let that be you!

And I'm learning (as we speak!) that it's not too late to heal. It's been 6 1/2 years since my first child was born and almost 5 since my second. I let my body go for way too long, but it's still not too late. Not for me and not for you! Get out there and make it happen!

*This is not a compensated review. I did receive a complimentary Bounce Back Fast! DVD  for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. its good to know i'm not alone. it's been 9 years for me and i really need to get my tummy back in sahpe

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