Heidi Klum for New Balance Fitness Clothing

I'm going to let you in the #1 Secret to having a great workout. Are you ready for it? You sure? It's all about the outfit. Really! What you wear when you workout has such an impact on your attitude, performance, and over all workout enjoyment.

On the days that I meander to the gym in ratty sweatpants and a slouchy t-shirt, I exercise like a tired-out, ratty housewife. Even good tunes can't rescue a bad outfit. But when I dress the part, I am a machine in the gym! And it's not just me. I asked all twenty parents in my daughter's preschool class (17 of whom workout together at the club while their kids are in class. The other 2 are stay at home dads, and 1 refuses to work out - whatever!)

They were all mortified that I workout at home. Total Eew! But that's another story. They all agreed that the outfit made the workout. 

Knowing the importance of "the outfit" is, unfortunately, only half the battle. In my daily routine, workouts mean I need to get dressed, undressed, dressed, and redressed a handful of times. While workout gear rocks for the gym, it's a sad fashion statement in the real world.

I will not be seen among the preschool moms (and 2 dads) in my workout gear. Nope. It's about fashion, modesty, and privacy.

That's where the new Heidi Klum for New Balance line comes in. Heidi is obviously a mom with style. She's well known for her fashion sense, but she's also a mom of multiple children that still looks like she's never given birth. So she must know a thing or two about fitness as well.

Heidi's line is available exclusively at Amazon and is designed to make the transition from gym to real world fashionable. Have you seen the pictures of celebrities just leaving the gym? Fashionable, right?

Check out a few of the items from her line:

Imagine throwing a pair of skinny boots over the top of these pants and stepping out in the world. 

Does this scream "I just worked out?"

Surely you've seen running skirts - but this is the first fitness dress I've seen
You could definitely rock this in public
Now, I must admit that when I first saw the ads for Heidi's new line (see the picture of her jumping above) I was super turned off. The image was so freaky and odd to me, but after perusing some of the line on Amazon, there are pieces I could legitimately wear. 

Want to see more? You can see Heidi's Complete Line on Amazon.

*No compensation was received for this review. I did receive samples for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are my own.


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