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You've most likely seen a whole host of deal sites popping up lately. I have and I've found some great deals using them. One of the newest ones is Gaggle of Chicks.

Just like the other sites, Gaggle of Chicks offers a daily deal that needs to be "hatched" before it goes live. From what I've seen, it usually only requires a small handful of people to hatch a deal (3-10 has been my experience.)

What makes Gaggle of Chicks different is the focus on mom related products. I've been checking this site for the past few weeks and have seen everything from massages, vinyl wall lettering, personalized books, toys, lotions, and keepsakes. It appeals to me and most likely appeals to other moms.

So...have I bought anything on Gaggle of Chicks? Yes! A great deal popped up for a toy I wanted to get my daughter. It turned out to be 50% less than if I had purchased it in a store - and with free shipping.

To be honest, the initial purchase was a little hairy. The coupon code didn't work, but a quick email out to the company and it was all taken care of.  I'm still searching Gaggle of Chicks on a daily basis and if you're a mom, I think you'll want to as well. You just might snag a great deal!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Gaggle of Chicks and received a $50 gift code for the website to facilitate this review.”


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