From Fat to Fit by Carole Carson

With New Year's only days away, I'm guessing that many of you have a resolution to get fit (lose weight, eat better, etc.)

Sometimes the excitement of a new year or plans for the looming swimsuit season are enough motivation to get your "butt in gear."

But if you need more motivation, let me recommend you take a look at From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction.

I read this book on my multi-legged trip back from Hawaii. It served as a great way to pass the time and also doubled as a comfy pillow. The thing that struck me the most was the fact that Carole Carson (the author) was 59 when she first decided to take action against her sedentary lifestyle.

If you've ever talked with a woman over the age of 40, they will often tell you that once you hit 40, it's over. Way over! Don't ever plan on eating again. You will wear "mom jeans" and deal with it!  I've noticed, myself, that my body doesn't respond as quickly to exercise as it did in my twenties (or before I had kids, but that's another issue.) But it still responds (in it's own sweet time.)

My friends and I were subconsciously dreading the metabolic death of the fourth, fifth and sixth decades. But Carole was 59 when she took the "before shot" for her local newspaper and 60 when she took her "after shot."

Sixty!! This is an excellent read for the over 40 sect. Why? Because Carole lays out exactly what she did. You get to follow her progress week-to-week as she increases the time she exercises, drops inches and drops pounds. And she did it all with out crash diets, crazy schemes, pills, or any other wacko plans.

Her writing style is very easy to follow, yet passionate. It's obvious (from her book and her many health related articles) that she is a feisty lady. I love it!  She gives hope to the younger generations that: YES - you can be fit, passionate, and lucid as you age! I know that's not politically correct, but if you've spent some time with the over 60 crowd, you'd be surprised how much they discuss medications, joint replacements, medical equipment, and all their limitations.

It's almost like they're competing to see who can be the most disabled first!

Carole proves that you can still LIVE after sixty. And since I'm not being politically correct, let me just say that it's very refreshing to see photos of Carole. She's a pretty lady, but she's a normal lady. She's dressed "aged appropriate" and really focused on being the healthiest sixty-year old she could be - not a sixty-year old trying to be a twenty-something. She stayed the same person; just healthier and with more energy.

She's real and she did it - and she's still doing it! You can read more about Carole here. You can get fit after 40, so get all the other notions out of your head and get out there and do it!

*I received a complimentary copy of From Fat to Fit for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. I am a thirty something mother of two that considers herself to be quite feisty and fitness focused.


Carole Carson said...

My only regret is that I waited until I was 59 to make these life-affirming changes. That's the reason I wrote this book--to help others like me make changes earlier than I did. Thanks for the generous review.

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