EZ Sox Review

Dressing little kids can be a ton of fun...unless you happen to have a child that's sensitive to seams, labels, sock bunching.....

I happen to have a child that takes sock perfection seriously. We have battled for years over shoes and socks that bunch, squeeze, wiggle too much, and on and on. When I first heard about EZ Sox, I was excited to give them a shot.

The company generously sent me a pair of pink EZ Sox for her to try. Since pink is her favorite color, I thought we'd be good to go. But, alas, the pink pair features the face of a pig and we spent at least an hour debating the fact that she "hates pigs" and would "never be seen in something with a pig on it.".

"Didn't I know her at all? She would obviously prefer a cat face...." And on it went until I wrapped the socks up and told her I'd have her cousin try them out for me. She eventually softened, stole the socks, and came running out with them - declaring them to be hers.

She said, "I like them mostly; but you know I still hate pigs." Oy! All that preschool drama aside, I can tell you that she never once complained about them bunching or scratching her toes. She didn't peel them off and throw them on the floor like she does with so many socks.

She wears them and she likes them (minus the pig, but she's stopped reminding me of that). She can pull them up easily, she loved the handles on the sides, they are comfy, and they are pink after all.

They are our go-to socks on swimming days. If getting your child to wear/tolerate socks on a regular day is bad, you can imagine what it's like with wet slippery feet. I love these socks for swimming days, but next time I'll go with the cat face and save myself some grief.

*This is not a compensated review. EZ Sox did provide one complimentary pair for review purposes. All opinions are mine and my daughters.


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