Yummy Natural Treats - Review of HINT water and Wings of Nature Bars

We all want healthier snacks - especially for our families. I can resist chips and soda better than anyone I know, but my family - not so much. Luckily, we had the opportunity to sample a new brand of flavored waters and natural fruit and grain bars.

My family loves flavored drinks. So far, my kids only drink 100% juice every so often, and no soda. But my husband loves flavored waters. Have you ever read the ingredient lists on popular flavored waters? I have and it's scary!!!! 

Hint Water is different. Do you know what the ingredients are? Water and fruit. But not much fruit - just a hint of it. So there are no calories or preservatives. Just a hint of taste. All natural and all good. And my husband was a huge fan! 

You can find Hint water at high-end grocery stores, cafes, and food retailers - including Starbucks. I hope they show up at Target stores because I'd include them on my regular shopping lists. I highly recommend them. You can find out more here: www.drinkHINT.com

We also had the opportunity to sample Wings of Nature organic health bars. Again, the ingredient list was awesome - all organic, low sodium, vegan, no trans fats, No GMOs, no preservatives or additives. This is my kind of food.

We sampled all three varieties (Almond Raisin, Espresso Coffee, and Cranberry Crunch.) We liked the all except the Espresso Coffee. Sorry, we just can't deal with the coffee taste of anything. I'm the same way with tea. I just can't do it. But looking at the bars, you kind of expect them to be gross.

There are all kinds of sesame seeds, nuts, and sweet goodies. But they rock! They taste great (minus the coffee for me) and are made from excellent ingredients. I would feel great sending these in my kids' lunch boxes or packing them for on-the-go snacks.

You can find Wings of Nature organic health bars at www.wings-of-nature.com

*No compensation was received for this review. We did receive free products for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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i have a heard time finding waters without cheimcals. thanks

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