Dragon Universe Party

Last weekend, we had another party at our house. This time - we had 9 boys (ages 6 and 7) and I managed to snap a few photos. I'm learning bit by bit as we go along... Note to anyone out there: if you have a party for young boys, enlist help!

This time my husband and daughter were a huge help, but pictures of boys in motion are always a challenge. Here are a few shots of some of the boys playing with their new toys from Mega Bloks Dragon Universe Collection.

And there you have the only two "semi-okay" shots from our party. Let's just say it is hard to get any and/or all the boys in one picture and it's nearly impossible to catch them standing or sitting still.

Regardless of the chaos, the party was a huge hit and all of the boys loved the Mega Bloks Dragon Universe toys. We started the party off with a few "get to know you" games and then proceeded on a Dragon egg Hunt.

They had a great time hunting for eggs. Each child got to keep their egg and put together the dragon or fighter inside. I highly recommend giving this type of prize at a party because we spent a good chunk of time putting together these sets. Not everyone had the same building expertise or focus, but all-in-all it was a fun and semi-organized event.

Next we had a drawing for a larger Dragon Universe set - each boy wrote his own name and put it in a box. My son drew the winner.

Then I let the boys play and fight with their new toys before we had snacks and a movie. We watched "How to Train your Dragon," appropriate right?
I would recommend these toys for parties or even as birthday gifts. They are small and easy to pack or wrap. Our only negative feedback about the toys were that the boys that got fighters instead of dragons really wanted dragons (even though they came with far less pieces - go figure) and that they couldn't put the guys or dragons back into the eggs without breaking them apart. 

My son has already repurposed his egg to hold treasures, and I'm guessing many of the others have done the same.

*This was a sponsored house party event and we received complimentary toys to share with our guests. 


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