Cat Got Your Coupons??

Almost 2 years ago, I learned "how to coupon." I went wild. Buying all sorts of things (food, toiletries, toys....) for pennies on the dollar. And I thought I was doing a good thing.  We were trying all sorts of new things and I saved a lot of money (in some areas.)

But I mostly bought things just because they were cheap. And cheap they were. We ate a lot of crap and cluttered our house with stuff I would have never "paid" for. Slowly over the last year, I began to throw away coupons for things I never wanted - even if they would make items free!

I stopped playing the drugstore games, and my stress level went way down. Awesome! Nowadays, I have 2 little boxes of coupons (see the cat in the box above) and they have only a few sheets of coupons each. I hardly even check the box anymore.

90% of the items I buy in the store come from the produce/freezer/dairy/meat cases. I rarely venture into the middle of the store except for things like noodles and bread (which I will save coupons for). And I'm not spending all that much more than when I was couponing. I spend between $30-$150 a week on groceries. Holy swing batman!!!

I have such a huge swing because I don't buy meat on every visit. And sometimes I buy a lot at a time. My last shopping trip was $120 and I bought a ton of produce (and lots of berries - yay!), almonds and walnuts, a few pounds of grass fed organic beef, wild caught salmon, shrimp, halibut, flounder, Alaskan king crab, and a few pounds or organic chicken breasts. Meat adds up!

Next week, my shopping will probably stay in the $40 range because we'll be okay on meat for while. I feel so much better now that I'm buying what I WANT not just "what's on sale."  And since I don't buy much else in the store, we come out okay (budgetwise).

If using coupons is stressing you out (or causing your family to eat junk you wouldn't otherwise buy) then consider letting it go. The savings are not worth the stress (or the stress on your body from eating yuck-o food or having a cluttered up home.)


My Divulge said...

There is really a lot more to coupons than one would think! You really have to do your homework and ask yourself "is this for me"! I relate 100%

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister. I'm out of the coupon game because a Trader Joes opened up nearby, so I get all my organic stuff there very cheaply. Glad to hear someone being honest and realistic about these kinds of things!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely! I did the coupon thing a few years ago and was buying things I normally wouldn't buy but then I'd also find that the store brand that I'd normally buy was still cheaper than the brand I had a coupon for. The stress (mental and health) just isn't worth it. And now that I buy mostly organic and better-for-us food, there really aren't many coupons for that out there. It's like you wrote my life there! :) Thanks.

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