What I REALLY need for Christmas!

Christmas stresses me out every year. When people ask what I want or need, I get really stressed. I don't really need anything, and I'm fine with that. But other people just don't seem to get it. This year, I'm excited because I've finally figured out something I need AND want.

Wait for it.....

If you know me in real life, you know I never answer the phone. Okay, I reluctantly answer the phone after you stalk call me for a while, and I never check messages. I'm bad like that. 

But it's not just because I hate talking. It's because I hate losing my hands. I'm constantly doing things that require moving (thank you cordless phones) and using my hands. The phone ruins everything. 

But maybe it doesn't have to? This year, I'd love to get a Hands Free Head Set .
You know what I mean? A Brittney Spears type headset that's wireless and allows me to talk on our home phone without using any hands. But works well enough that people can hear me. I get constant complaints from my husband and sisters that they can't hear me or they think I'm not listening because I use speaker phone all the time.

So if anyone wants to get me a gift - hunt me down a headset that works with uniden cordless phones. :)



ah yes, but will you be doing the dance moves with it on ??

Callista said...

i have one of these at work:


it has a pretty good range on it and it has a recharging station.

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