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So you say you want to get in shape? And you want to do it at home. I consider myself somewhat of an exercise-at-home expert. I love trying new workouts and equipment, and I haven't set foot in a "gym" in over 11 years.

Like most women, I've focused most of my workouts on cardio and endurance. I know strength training is important, but for some reason I just never fully embraced it. If you're in that camp, let me assure you of a few things: #1 strength training is important, #2 you have very little chance of looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and #3 building muscle will improve your health and appearance.

That being said, I felt so fortunate to review the Total Gym XLS. Take a look below to see my video review of the Total Gym XLS.

Keep in mind that my exercise room is extremely small (you can see it here,) and I had a super tough time finding an angle where the camera would catch both me and the Total Gym.

The options were: Total Gym + my legs, Just my upper body, or most of me (minus a little of my scalp) and a bit of the Total Gym. Hey, nothing's perfect. So keep that in mind when you watch my review.

**I had to majorly spice my video so blogger would accept the upload. I took a few videos and they were all "too big."  Really, the blogger drama is too much sometimes. With that and my chopped head, the video is a real winner, lol**

Okay, so hopefully you could tell by my review that I love the Total Gym XLS. It's an awesome machine that works every single muscle group. I am so happy with how easy it is to use and I'm very happy with my results so far.

I don't weigh myself on a regular basis and didn't take before/after photos, but I can tell you that my physical strength has improved. I am able to lift with greater resistance and I feel stronger when I run. Even though I don't keep track of my weight, I do keep track of body fat %. And I am happy to say that since I've started using the total gym, my body fat percentage is heading in the right direction (down!)

As a recap to what I said in the video, here are my pros and cons to the Total Gym:


  • You can work all of your muscle groups on the Total Gym
  • It's amazing for Pilates (it functions just like a pilates reformer!)
  • It uses your own body weight for resistance so there are no dangerous and heavy weights
  • No need for a spotter
  • Men, women, and children can safely use this machine (my opinion, Total Gym does not recommend the machine for children)
  • It's slender and doesn't take up a lot of space. It can even fold up.
  • It's fun - I can not keep my kids off of it and my husband is actually willing to use it!
  • It works! I have greatly increased my strength and am already seeing muscle definition.
  • It's well made and built to last - there are really no major parts to break
  • You can do assisted pullups and hamstring curls! This usually requires additional equipment!
  • It can function as an incline (or flat) weight bench if you wanted to use free weights
  • You can modify most of the exercises to hit your main muscles and engage your core.
  • It's easy to adjust the resistance levels between exercises
  • It comes with easy to install attachments


  • You are limited in weight by your own body weight. You may need to add additional weight (you can find the weight bar for $19.95 here) for some of your major muscles (back, legs).
  • I'd personally rather do most leg work on the floor than on the Total Gym (squats, lunges, etc.)
  • You should wear a ponytail while using the machine because your hair can get stuck in the track.

I feel so good about what the Total Gym can provide, that I gave away our bench and free weights. If you'd like to try the Total Gym, now is the time! It's currently on sale and if you click on this link or the banner below, you'll automatically save an additional 15%!

Total Gym XLS Discount

You can also buy the Total Gym on Amazon.

When you get your new Total Gym, I highly recommend checking out, Youtube, and the Total Gym Blog. They are a wealth of information for performing the exercises correctly and adding to your routine.

*This is a MamaBuzz review. Total Gym provided the product for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


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