Political Sabotage!!

As we get closer and closer to election day, my neighborhood is heating up! It's no secret that I live in an upper class neighborhood filled with feisty Type-A 30-somethings that openly speak their mind. That's one of the things I love about it. But while our neighborhood may be a homogeneous blend of high achievers (and a few trust fund babies - just saying!) it's not a place that's 100% liberal or 100% conservative.

Don't get me wrong - the conservatives are 100% conservative and the liberals are 100% liberal - it's just that we have a fairly evenly split community. But a loudly opinionated split community.

I never bring up politics "for fun," but anyone who's ever asked me knows exactly where I stand. This year, my husband decided it was time to join the Sign Wars. He ordered a political sign and put it up in our front yard.

I told him it was going to cause me trouble at the bus stop. So.... he moved it directly in front of the bus stop. It got noticed. In fact, our next-door neighbors brought out their sign the next day. And more signs started popping up. And then.....our sign went missing. And so did any other sign that was on our "side" of the debate.

Really!!??!  Is this first grade? I guess so. I found one sign mangled and thrown into the community park. Another was wrapped around our fence. While I was removing the sign from the fence, a few boys from "the other side" rode by laughing. Hmmmm.....

I guess it's not first grade but fifth grade, lol.  Maybe they were laughing for some other reason, but too late, I'm blaming them. I wonder if someone will mention my absentee sign at the bus stop tomorrow....

With less than a week to go, things are bound to get wild!


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