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School Budget cuts are a way of life for most of us. I'm always hearing about budget shortfalls and what the school desperately needs but can't afford. In our school, it's extra teachers and special assistants. We have a small elementary school with 1400 children. And class size is a huge issue.

In order to make the budget stretch, our school relies heavily on volunteers. Last year I worked in the classroom, preparing craft projects to free up teacher time for "teaching." This year, I'll do the same, but will also be working in the library and on a school rewards program. By using "free" helpers, our school is able to stretch much needed help without costing a thing. 

But they still have things that require extra money, and for that, unfortunately, our schools runs a new fundraiser every week. I really wish that wasn't part of the curriculum. To me, it's such a waste of class time. What if we could win a big chunk of money for our school so they wouldn't have to raise extra funds? 

Bing is currently running the "Our School Needs" contest to help schools and students financially. Bing will potentially give away $1 million dollars to schools in need. And the contest is easy to enter. You can either submit an essay, a video, some photos, your choice! Tell Bing what your school needs to win $100,000 for your school! 

You can submit your entry until October 22, 2010. 

Click here to see the Bing Video on contest submissions and good luck to all who enter!

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