"All You Need is Almond Butter"

I've been in a major food rut lately. You know the kind where nothing tastes good and you just don't want to eat? This is the time when a unanimous "NO!" should spring up from the crowd.

I hear ya, I've never  wanted to NOT eat in my life. And for the past few weeks I've just felt gross and not hungry. Of course, I've forced myself to eat, but still. After about 2 weeks, I started eating junk. I almost never eat junk, so this was weird. I just wanted to "want" to eat.

I ate junky for a few days and then...... I made almond butter.

I hadn't made almond butter in almost 2 months because my last batch turned out gross. Note to all: do not try to make more than 3 cups at a time in the Vitamix. It just turns crumbly and gross. Since I can't throw away food, I ate it and decided from there on out that I hated almonds and everything that had to do with them.

I turned to all things walnut and let it go. But today I made almond butter again. Good creamy, nothing but nuts, almond butter. It was awesome. And I was back! I confidently turned down old parade candy, ice cream, and chocolate. I had a new desire for all things healthy. I just needed an almond booster. Huh - I didn't see that coming.


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