We got a BOAT - a $40,000 value for FREE

We got a boat last week! It's valued at over $40,000 but we didn't pay a dime! How's that???? Out next-door neighbor's bought the boat, and they've taken us out every weekend so far.

It sounds so "leach-y" to say "we got a boat," but they plan to take us out often and we have them over for movies in our new theater. They say - we all got a new boat and a new theater. Our other neighbor is planning to get a hot tub. I'd say we're all set.

And just as an FYI - riding in a super fast boat is pretty awesome, especially when you sit in the front as you race through the water, turning on a dime. It's even better not to have to pay for it or keep up with the maintenance. Wahoo!


Unknown said...

My neighbors got a new boat last year...not once have we been invited out! Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.

Anonymous said...

that's lucky

Aleksandra Nearing said...

LOL, OK I need some neighbors like that :)

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