Using Wisk to take out Ketchup Stains!

For the past few weeks, we've been using Wisk to combat various laundry stains. This time, we tried it out on Carbohydrate stains - things like chocolate milk, ketchup, bbq sauce, syrup. We gave it a try on ketchup.
It all started with this innocent white shirt and a package of ketchup.

My daughter used a basting brush to "paint" the shirt.
Here is our final stain.

After breaking up a few fights, I brought the stained shirt to the laundry room and pre-treated it with Wisk. I let the stain and detergent sit for exactly 5 minutes.
The stained shirt after rinsing with warm water. No more stains! The blue marks are my arm shadows. There is no ketchup left in the shirt.
I've been really impressed with Wisk. I've been using it for all my tough laundry stains. I even used it to get out months old grass stains and oil stains! I've got to stop using it so much so I have enough left for our other experiments!

*This post was sponsored by Wisk. I received compensation for this post. All opinions and views expressed are my own. 


Jessica-MomForHim said...

I bought some Wisk after all the hype, and have tried it on several stains. NO LUCK for me, even with putting it straight on the stain. Maybe it only works well if you put it on a fresh (not dried) stain, but realistically, how often can that happen? most of the time we are out and about and the stain is dried by the time I can pretreat it.
Shout is still the best stain remover I've found, and you can even let it dry on the stain before laundering.

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