Swords for the Nintendo Wii Review

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to play video games. Especially fighting games. My all time favorite game is The Legend of Zelda. I've played (and beat) every single Zelda game. I even stalk the new games and buy them the first day they become available.

Since there haven't been any new Zelda releases lately, I jumped at the chance to review Swords for the Nintendo Wii.

I have to be honest, I was attracted to the sword fighting but really worried about using the Wii remote to perform all the actions. Nothing beats the game cube remote.

We played this game as soon as it arrived. And by we, I mean my kids watched me play. They were so excited!  To my surprise, the Wi remote was perfect for this game.

Here's what I thought of this game:
*It's rated Teen, but it's pretty tame. I personally wouldn't worry about children 8 or older watching this game. My kids are 4 and 6, and it was still fine. There is no "blood" or gory details. Yes, there's violence....animated violence.
*The game is relatively easy, yet hard. After beating 4 of the opponents and killing over 400 zombies, my triceps were screaming! I'm in the middle of a pretty intense strength training routine, but still. This game is an okay arm workout!
*The fighting is good, but the game is pretty much all fighting. There isn't a lot of strategy or anything else. The competition is all fighting, the mini-games are all fighting, it's all fighting. And that's okay. I love the fact that my kids think their mom is the ultimate sword fighter (both from this game and my other games.)
My kids loved when I fought this pirate - Mom can kill pirates!
Overall, I liked this game. It was fun and a good release for a long Zelda drought. I recommend switching arms throughout the game. It's a better arm and brain workout if you mix it up. And I definitely recommend you fight some zombies. That was my favorite part. From what I can tell, you can kill zombies forever. I killed over 350 in one stretch and they just kept going. They do get harder as you go along since they gain armor, causing you to think about how to stab them. It sounds gory, but it's not. It's almost stupid, and that's what made it so much fun.

*Majesco provided this game for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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