Scientific Explorer Kit: Review

Who doesn't love science? Well...for some reason, a lot of girls tend to think science is hard or not for them. I'm working hard to keep science fun for my little girl, and recently we had a chance to review a product that keeps science interesting for girls. has a whole set of Scientific Explorer kits that let girls make spa related items using chemistry, physiology, and physics.

We got to try the Bath Fizzers Kit. This kit is rated for ages 8+ and sells for around $9.99.

This kit comes with everything you need to make the bath fizzers, including a cosmetic bag to keep it in once you've made them.

My daughter was so excited to get this in the mail. She looked at the package and knew it was for her. Since it was "just for her," we waited until school started so she could work on her "science project" without input from her brother.

She was so thrilled, talking for days about how she was going to mix chemicals and make bath "fizzies." She was going to use a pipette just like a real scientist. And she did. Here's a photo of us getting started with the project:
The instruction book was really handy and had a lot of great science background. The information did a great job explaining what was happening and why. They even encourage the kids to smell the ingredients. Science at it's best. ;)

The concepts though...may have been a little above my kid's scope of reasoning. I think that's why the package recommends 8+. A 4 year old can definitely do these kits, and have a lot of fun doing them, but the actual science goes a little beyond what they can grasp.

That being said, I read an age appropriate version of the instructions and she thought it was great. I would definitely encourage adult involvement to be sure there's no tasting and to ensure accurate measuring.

She had a great time making (and using) the bath fizzers. I'm happy that there are products available to help make science fun and relevant to girls.

*These items were provided for review courtesy of and Team Mom. All opinions expressed are my own.



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