Men have much to teach us (women)

Sometimes I think about my husband and I wonder how we can be the same species. Really. Men are about as different from us as any other animal. But they hold the keys to some pretty amazing talents. Here are just a few of the lessons we can learn from the male half of our species.

Fitness - I almost never go to women (or women's sites - so sorry) when I want fitness advice. Sure, women are great at counting and cutting calories, but men rock at burning them off. They have no patience for slo-mo workouts. They want (and get) fast results.

Women always complain that men lose weight and get muscular quicker. While hormones have something to do with it, their intensity helps too. If you really want to have your butt handed to you (and really, who doesn't? lol) then either exercise with a male partner or check out some great men's fitness sites. Either one will push you to work harder then you've ever worked before. My absolute favorite exercise site is The Fitness Blackbook. It's a treasure trove of high intensity advice, how-to's, and real-life fitness.

Making Money - This is an area I gladly cede to men as well. Sure, women can and do make money. Many women are the breadwinners and more women than men are graduating from our colleges and universities. But seriously, if you want to make money, men give the best advice - hands down.

They take risks. They aggressively hunt it down. And they fight for it like their lives depend on it. It's something to be admired, really. But it's also something we can learn from.

It may surprise you, but once again, I rarely read women's blogs or websites when it comes to making money. Saving money, yes. Making money, no. A cool money making male-run blog is My Money Blog.

Happiness and Fun - This should come as no surprise to most wives, but men just know how to have fun. They add a lot of chaos to our lives but also a lot of fun. Do any of you find yourselves counting the minutes until your husband comes home because that's when the party starts?

I think it's because they've figured out how to live in the moment. They focus on making that moment as fun as possible without regard to what's around the corner. As annoying as that can be when they don't think through their actions, it something we can learn from. Not that we have to throw all reason to the wind, but we can try to worry less about what might happen and just go with it. At least sometimes.

They also have a completely different take on guilt. When the baby is screaming and they're watching their favorite show, they don't feel guilty. WTF? Now we all know this is incredibly selfish, but that's how they roll and they're a whole lot happier than we are!

I never left my children with my husband and went out and enjoyed my life because I always felt guilty. And because he wouldn't do it. But still. And now I'm irreparably angry with him. And I wasted 6 years of....everything.

I'm personally working on my own guilt load. I really am a super responsible person and everything makes me feel guilty. Well, no more! I'm going to continue to watch the males in my life to learn how to let things go and just do what I want.

They may be aliens but they seem to know what they're doing. :)


Anonymous said...

I agree about the Happiness & Fin bit; men are able to put all their cares aside for a great time. I wish I had that ability!


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