Going Back to My Roots....

Every year, I think I have my life all figured out, and then I go and learn something new.....and realize I was totally wrong. This happens over and over again, but it seems to always happen with each new gardening season.

This year, I planned. I overplanted my garden, hoping to take advantage of the varying growth cycles and weather changes. I expected complete plant obedience. Everyone would grow during their allotted time, die out in time for the next plant to take it's place, and on and on.

Of course it didn't work out that way. Everything ran amok and my garden was a disaster. To top it off, I spent the entire summer on our remodeling project and really didn't give the garden enough thought or effort.

This week, we are finally "done enough" with our project and I've been putting my life back together. School has started, I'm back to regular exercising (woo-hoo!), and I'm putting my focus back where it belongs. For Reals!

So in the spirit of reorganizing my mind, body, and world - I cleaned up the garden mess. Hours of ripping, digging, and recombobulating later, I am back where I started 3 years ago (minus the fact that my blueberry bushes have matured by 3 years, yippee!)

I've decided to stick to what I do best and leave the rest for now. So it's back to berries and tomatoes for me!

I pulled out all my herbs. Except for the annuals (cilantro and basil) I never used any of the perennial herbs this year, and they grew out of control. Such a shame.

I moved my "mystery" strawberries to make room for more blueberry love and I composted all the old plants and vines.

So the goal for next year - no nets, no fences, no crazy zillion vegetable growing extravaganzas.

The garden will be raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and tomatoes. Oh yeah, and asparagus (an addition made earlier this spring). Oooh, and green onions. And maybe some basil and cilantro. And a little spinach. OMG! See the problem! I'm a garden hoarder!

Okay, but seriously - the berries and asparagus are staying where they are and the only annuals that are coming in are tomatoes and basil.

Just forget you ever saw this:
Who can resist sitting down on a breezy fall day to pick seeds with a 4 year old. Seriously.... Would a little cilantro hurt anybody? But it's not going in the garden. I have many flower pots to fill each summer, and edible plants can be beautiful.....


stacythemagnificentmommy said...

i'm a proud garden hoarder! ;0) LOL same plans, same end result here, too. cept ours was due to flooding. repeated flooding all summer. there's always next year =)

Busy Working Mama said...

I love seed-picking with my daughter. We've already filled a jar with blackberry lily seeds to share with friends and family.

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