FarmRich & SeaPak Review

The people from FarmRich and SeaPak were kind enough to offer me a few of their products for review. I purchased the mozzarella cheese sticks from FarmRich and the popcorn shrimp from SeaPak.

In truth, this is the first time my children have ever had popcorn shrimp (ever) and mozzarella sticks at home. They were so excited about having mozzarella sticks.

And as big shrimp lovers, they were happy we were having shrimp for dinner. They were super surprised when it came out of the oven. They didn't know what to do with them and tried to peel off all the wrapping.

Aside from our initial misstep, the products were thoroughly enjoyed. I've never bought either of these products before, and was impressed with their quality. Both retained their shape, texture, and tastes well with freezing and then heating.

They were easy to make and a nice change from our usual fare. Thank you FarmRich and SeaPak for letting us try out your tasty products.


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