Armed at All Times!

My sister recently told me that she felt trapped in her own house. She didn't feel safe in her new neighborhood, couldn't go out for walks, or play in her backyard. How sad. I told her I didn't feel that way at all.

What I told her next, surprised her. I am armed at all times. She was shocked. After all, I live in a great neighborhood. A wealthy neighborhood without much criminal activity. Or do I.....

The worst/best thing about living in a nice area is the perceived safety. You feel like you can run around outside and everything's going to be okay. But we all know better.

In fact, most of my neighbors refuse to use the miles of beautiful trails and outdoor amenities in our area. "What if someone comes out of the woods?"

Indeed. What if some crazy just pulls up in front of your house? It can and does happen. But I refuse to live my life in a box because some crazy might be (or is) out there.

Instead, I've prepared myself. And I don't just mean - I have my keys in my knuckles. Or I could use a paper clip or my watch to stab someone in the eye.

I mean, I carry a legitimate lethal weapon. If you've been reading for awhile, you know that our home is well armed. People are often surprised when they come into our quiet home and learn that we have guns. Yes, gunS - plural.

Someday I will get a permit to conceal and carry, but right now I leave the gunfire at home and instead I bring a large knife with me whenever I leave. A knife that could cut quickly cut through a man and fatally wound him.

What the hell? Do you bring this knife to Target? Yes, I do. Do you bring this knife to the doctor's office? The bank? The mall? Yes, yes, and yes. I bring it everywhere.

And I make sure I can access it and use it. I practice and I run drills. My kids know their role - to run. Mom fights - kids run for help.

Maybe it sounds extreme, but I never worry about going out in the world. Not in the forests, not in the "hood", not in the parking lot, not in my own backyard. Am I worried about it being used on me? No. If someone is going to attack me, I am going to go down with a fight and one of us will die. I'm okay with that. It's not like I have some wild notion that I can live forever. I'd just rather not be a victim. Know what I'm saying?

And there's more to that then you think. I have been approached by suspicious males while walking through the trails. I always face them dead-on, give no hint of backing down, and prepare to fight. So far, they've always backed off. Do I come off like the world's biggest B**ch? I don't care. If a man suspiciously circles back near us, making eye contact and walking too close to me or my kids, it's on. B**ch be damned. He will not take us.

I highly recommend that every woman (and mom) learn to defend herself. From kickboxing, to self-defense, to even running. It all helps. Plus, I can not recommend this book enough - Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe. It's super long. But it's full of very important info - a few tidbits:

1) teach your kids not to EVER go with any adult without your permission
2) teach your kids that NO adults should be asking for children's help (e.g. A man at the park asks them to help find his lost dog.....then abducts them)
3) If your child becomes lost, teach them to look for a mom with kids. She is the most likely to help and not harm them. Do not teach them to look for a police officer. How often do you see an officer running around? And can kids see well above the waist? Can they really tell the difference between a police officer and a janitor?
4) Perpetrators of violent crime (like all hunters) look for weakness. Don't let yourself be distracted, be unable to run (super high heels) or be easy to grab (long ponytails and braids.)

There's so much more in that book that I wish every mom knew. Rent it from your library, but expect it to take a few weeks to finish. And keep one thing in mind. When the book gives abduction statistics, it can make it seem like not that big of a deal. But even if less than 1% of children are abducted, it still matters to those 1%. Do your best to prevent being part of that statistic!!!!

One last thing - in case you're wondering how I bring a commando knife with me while I'm a little more glam, I don't! On normal days, I look like a normal mom - cargo pants, capris, jeans - all great for holding a knife. And running shoes. I only dress up when I'm with my husband and I consider him my weapon. Trust me, back in my "loud mouth" days, he has been a very useful weapon!

It's embarrassing to admit, but he's had to fight for me in multiple situations. I used to be really stupid....and loud.


Crinthia said...

Hey I am right there with you. For a while my fiance worked *an still works* out of town and it is only my daughter and I here. Plus my boo boo aj the boxer and he is mean *so thankful to have them* but there was a time were I felt that I wasn't safe.. so by my bedside is a stake knife and mase. It's not much but because my fiance was young and stupid once *he's a felon* were not allowed to own guns.

Joy said...

There are trails by us but I do not go on them for that reason. I need to take a self defense class. I have been meaning to take one but haven't. Maybe I can convince some other mom friends to go with me.

Anonymous said...

It is great that you stand up for our right to defend ourselves & openly express it; this is very inspiring!


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