Using Wisk to destroy protein stains - video included

I had mentioned that I'd soon be trying out the new Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology and that day has just arrived. Most stains are broken down into three categories: oils, proteins, and carbohydrates. Wisk asked me to try out their new detergent on proteins (like grass stains).

So here is a video we made, where we used Wisk detergent to wash out grass stains.

Keep in mind that I'm no video expert. We did our best to recreate the type of laundry shots you see in commercials - where stains are washed out before your eyes. And that's really what happened.

My daughter used the detergent to "write" on the stained fabric, we waited a few seconds, then my son swirled it around in warm water. And then.... the stain was gone where the detergent was used. Awesome!

That was enough for me. I started using the detergent right away. I have some pants that are seriously grass stained. They're favorites actually, and no pre-treating had removed the stain. So I sent them to the back of my closet until I could let myself get rid of them.

I took them out, pretreated with Wisk, and washed the stain out. Hurray! Grass stains aside, I'm excited to try this out in my regular wash and not worry about what stains might be there - just knowing that the detergent will do it's job. I'll keep you posted.

*This post is sponsored by Wisk. I received monetary compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

The fabric looked green to begin with--was it a different color? Because it looked like it just bleached it. I'm just a skeptic, I know. The Tide stain release products were a serious disappointment to me--and I have a lot of stains to deal with! So if this really does work, I'm definitely interested!

Angela said...

The fabric was already "pre-stained" with grass so the whole thing was green. I don't think it bleached it but I'll keep trying it and see what happens. The pants I tried were khaki so who knows.

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