Running like a Mother!

Definition: Running like a mother
Running with your children in one way or another. This usually involves a treadmill, jogging stroller, bikes, or some other apparatus to keep your child with you and/or up to speed. Running like a mother almost always involves distractions, whining, inconvenient times and other interruptions.

I like to run. I never thought I would, but now it's part of who I am. Running gives me a cheetah-like inner strength that's hard to explain. I've missed it terribly since my exercise hiatus.

The exercise drought is now over and I'm dying to get on my treadmill. Alas, it's in storage while we await the completion of the 2010 Dustbowl (aka our construction project.) Any hardcore runner would be slapping me right now and telling me to get outside and run.

That's easier said then done when you have children. You can't just run out the door and come back an hour later. Maybe at night, And there is no way I'm getting up at 5am to run while my husband is home. No!

My sister is training for a triathlon and called the other day for running advice. I got all excited and wanted to start running right then and there. And so I did. I took my kids outside, strapped on their helmets, and got out their ATV. And I ran.

I ran like a mother.

I ran and ran and ran. And I loved it. Of course, I smoked them, so I had to run back and find them repeatedly. They invariably stopped at the park and my running time was over. Que the whining, bargaining, and pleas for a park visit. At least I had the run home to look forward to.

I'm anticipating a day (really soon) when I'll be able to run while they ride bikes. My son is already there, but my daughter finally made it 2 miles without whining the other day. Miss Daisy needs to pick up her pace a bit, but maybe by fall. It's all good because fall is better running weather anyway. ;)


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