Just when you thought there were no berries left!

It's August, so I thought our berry days were done for a few weeks. Surprisingly, I was wrong! Our raspberries have taken a break until the end of August and the blueberries are almost all gone, but I found this awesome surprise!The strawberry patch I considered ripping out this fall (the second "mystery" patch that hasn't produced a single berry in 2 years) has been putting out berries like they're going out of style. And they're awesome, jammy berries.

Somehow I got so lucky in my berry selection. I have strawberries that start in early June and run until mid July. Then strawberries that start in August and run until ?? (not sure yet). I have raspberries that start in early July and end in late September. Our blueberries start in late June and end in mid August. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Berries are my favorite food, favorite plant to care for, favorite everything! It's been a good summer


barbara.montyj said...

I love all berries & these look so good!

liz said...

It's pretty crazy that they suddenly starting growing, especially this time of year!

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