Free Toy idea to Keep your Cat active

If you're like me, then you're always looking for ways to keep your family healthy. And that includes pets! It's so easy to just let your house cat sleep the day away....but it's not healthy.

I've taught my cat to fetch and play hide-and-seek, all free and fun. Here's another idea to keep your pet engaged - for free!

Fill an empty egg carton (or part of a carton - shown in the video) with a few treats. Shake it a few times so the cat knows there's something worth getting and then let her take a few minutes (or hours) trying to figure out how to get the treats. It's a good exercise for their mind and body.


Darlene 'Dee' Bishop said...

How cute! We don't have pets as hubby is very allergic, but I love to watch kittens and cats play. And I agree, it's much healthier for them. Thanks for sharing!

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