An Exercise Room Update!!!

This is so awesome, I just couldn't wait until my review date to put something up (the actual review will be in late September.) Not long ago, I put up a picture of our fitness room.

I had mentioned that our weight bench, while free and functional, just wasn't right for us. It was just fine for a small female, but not all that great for a male. I had plans to swap it out when we found the right replacement.

No need! The right machine found us! Check out what arrived on my doorstep this week!

It's a Total Gym XLS! I am so thankful to Total Gym for sending me this gym! My husband and I can both use it, and I'm perfecting my routine as we speak. I'll be posting my full review at the end of September. And there may be a giveaway.....

And even better, it fits in my room so well. Take a look:

Want to see what my exercise room looked like before? Click here. I'm hoping to have mirrors and some additional decor (wall letters?) for the next update. We are nearing the home stretch of our big renovation. We're just working on decor and a few technical components. A complete photo tour is coming soon!


Anonymous said...

i'm super jealous. i hope you show your results from it.

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