Back To School Shopping at TJ Maxx

This year I finally have to buy clothing for my children. That sounds crazy since my oldest is now 6, but when you have sisters with kids in the same age range, you can do a lot of swapping. And up until this year, it's worked out great. Now that genetics have taken over, my kids aren't really fitting into my niece and nephew's clothes. At least not yet.

No worries though. TJ Maxx came to my rescue and sent me gift cards to do some mega back to school shopping. I checked their closets first and made myself a mental list. Note to moms: mental lists can get hazy.

I bought all this awesome stuff below, but forgot to get the one biggie on my list - new school shoes. I didn't even make it over to the shoe department.

My kids were so thrilled to have new clothes (some of their firsts!) and they loved all the great fashions and varieties.

Wondering how much I spent? I can't bear to type it, so I'm putting up a receipt shot.
I felt like I got some pretty good deals. I bought 27 pieces of clothing. My best find - a $2.00 pair of black leggings that my daughter can wear under dresses. The most spendy - $16.99 for a dress and matching leggings. Everything else was right in the middle.

Amazingly, I stuck to my mission and only bought things for my children. I love TJ Maxx and I could have did some major upgrades to my own wardrobe with their gift cards, but this time it was all about Back-To-School.

*TJ Maxx provided me with gift cards to go back-t0-school shopping. Thank you! All opinions expressed are my own.


blueviolet said...

Holy back to school score! Great picks, Angela!

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