All's Well that Ends Well

We are nearing the end of our 3 month remodeling project. PHEW! It's been a long process, but these last 3 weeks were the worst. Why? I had a suspicion that all was not right with our granite and tile contractors.

I'll spare you the details, but the short story is this: the tile contractor was creepy, he did a bad job and when asked to repair his damage, he walked off. The granite installer came highly recommended, collected money to order our slab, then disappeared from the face of the Earth.

I was stressed out! I hate to lose money and I really hate to be conned.

But...all's well that ends well. After 3 weeks of major phone tag, a trip to the granite installer's home, and some monster tiling drama, we were able to get things back on track and our kitchen now looks like this:
I am so glad to have this behind us and am looking forward to finishing this project soon. We're on track to finish in the next 2-4 weeks (notice the range....grrr! This time I'm planning for error.)
Here's an updated photo of our theater room. We built an extra riser for true stadium seating and this room will be sooooo different next time you see it.

Everything else looks about the same - white walls and dust everywhere. In a few short days that will all change - bring on the paint!


Marlene said...

I like the back splash in your kitchen! How many seats will your theater have? Are you going to put a popcorn maker in there? :)


Josh Healy said...

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Angela said...

Thanks. :) We will have 8 theater chairs. We're so excited.

Beth said...

That looks awesome! Sucks about being conned - some people are just like that, I guess.

I'm a new follower from MBC and would love for you to come visit me at :)

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