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I recently had the opportunity to review the Total Pillow. I was originally planning to use this pillow for traveling and that's it. But our entire family soon found it irresistible.

We used it while watching television, reading, and even for dress up. It's really a cool pillow. It's super soft because of all the little microbeads inside and it bends into cool shapes.

Here's what the makers of total Pillow have to say:

VERSATILE TRANSFORMING PILLOW Cradles you with Comfort While Asleep and Awake

Most people spend approximately one-third of their lives asleep on their pillow, however the new Total Pillow has uses for the two-thirds of time spent awake.

There are pillows for all types of issues but no one pillow that bridges all conditions, until now. The Total Pillow™ is for use overnight, on the couch, sitting at your desk, driving, while on a plane or train, in college dorms, or just while watching television. This donut-shaped pillow transforms in just seconds to more than five supportive shapes for customized relief. The patent pending locking technology enables the Total Pillow to support the neck, lower back, ankles and knees.

"Consumers own many different pillows for different applications, identifying the need for a multipurpose pillow solution." said Steve Heroux, CEO of Hampton Direct. "The Total Pillow transforms into five different shapes to answer a wide range of conditions."

The Total Pillow's ergonomic design allows your body to be cradled in support whether you're a side sleeper and like support between your knees and/or ankles or are a frequent traveler. It's also great for the businessperson, who needs lumbar support for the long periods of time spent seated.

Available for $19.99, The Total Pillow and can be ordered online at

Hampton Direct, Inc. is a leading international importer and distributor of consumer products. The Vermont-based company's offerings include common household problem solving products that includes the As Seen On TV Wonder Hanger®, Twin Draft Guard® and Total Pillow®.

I found it to be extremely comfy for laying down to read. It held the shape of my head without flopping out like an ordinary pillow and I never had to worry about it moving.

The packaging included all sorts of uses: as a seat cushion, back pillow, and neck/arm/head pillow. If I can remember to pack it, I will bring this with on long plane rides. Since it's bendable, it's easy to mold into a usable form.

The only downsides: it does look a little weird laying around the house. It doesn't really go with our decor and ever since seeing the "seat cushion" recommendation, I've got a rear-end donut image stuck in my head. Our pillow ripped at the seams within the first hour we had it, but I easily stitched it back up (that's how I know there are tons of little beads inside.) That kind of stuff happens and it wouldn't hinder me from buying another.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Hampton Direct for this review


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