Natura Sleep Envelope Review

When someone in your family has allergies, it's a hassle to find good sleep products. It just is! It's important to have mattress and pillow protectors, to wash them often, and to use natural products so you don't introduce any other allergens. So where does that leave most allergenic families?

Searching! I just had the chance to review 2 amazing products from that you may want to consider. I had the opportunity to try out a twin-sized Deluxe Mattress Protector and Washable Wool Comforter.

Let me tell you what I liked about these products:

The Mattress Protector -
  • It's completely machine washable
  • Made of all natural cotton and wool
  • It's so comfy and heavy duty! I took off my son's previous mattress protector to use the Natura protector and it was so much more durable, thicker, and more comfy than our previous protector. My son said it made is bed softer and more comfortable. He's not even asking to sleep in our bed anymore. Wahoo!
  • It comes with a 10 year warranty
  • It has a natural silver barrier that helps keep out dust mites, molds, mildews and bacteria
The Comforter -
  • It's made of washable wool
  • The cover is a super soft cotton
  • The wool helps keep out dust mites and other allergens
  • It is so comfortable and soft and....I stole it for my bed!
I really enjoyed trying these products. I put them in my son's room because he's allergic to so many things. It feels good to know there are companies out there working hard to make quality products that can decrease the amount of allergens we are exposed to. And they're doing it with all natural products.

I loved the Natura products and the only downside (in my opinion) was that I reviewed a twin-sized set. I did steal the comforter for my own room (I loved it too much!) and if the mattress protector would have been a king size, I would have stolen that too! I love my son, and he really needs all the allergy protection he can get, but allergies or not, these were great products. And I'd love to have them in my room as well.

*No compensation was given for this review. I did receive the 2 products mentioned above for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


Cara@TheSheetBoutique said...

Hey Angela,
I'm totally not surprised that you love the sleep envelope. We've use a couple of Natura's pillows and love them.

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