FYI - Swiss Chards is much better than Spinach!

This year I planted Spinach and Swiss Chard in my garden. I've got to tell you, that swiss chard rules over spinach! I have no idea how they stack up against each other nutritionally, but I just pulled out all of my spinach and probably won't plant any next year. Or maybe just a little.

This is why I'm loving swiss chard:
  • It grows bigger and faster without bolting in the heat (at least it hasn't yet). Spinach bolts as soon as it gets hot and then it's ruined.
  • It's so much yummier! It gets all curly and green. And the stems are fantastic.
  • It keeps growing back as I cut it off.
If there's room in your garden you can plant both, but if not you may want to give swiss chard a try. It's good eats!


annalene said...

I haven't had swiss chard in so long but I LOVE it's flavor, yum! I wish I could grow some but *sigh*... no space. :(

Busy Working Mama said...

Hmm, maybe I'll try it next year. I've cleared out a small spot for some veggies next summer. My mom always raves about it.

Mary said...

I love chard, too, and it does well where I live, as does kale. I did golden chard this year. I like spinach fine, too, but never, ever have I had much luck when I've attempted to grow it. My seedlings never really get going. Not sure why.

Jaison Cianelli said...

I completely agree. Next year I will not even bother planting spinach. I lightly saute my swiss chard in olive oil, with garlic and some lemon juice - yummy.

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