A Cure for Anxiety? Take 2 and tell me what YOU think!

I'm just going to go ahead and put it out there: sometimes I have issues with anxiety. Sometimes, I just feel like too many people want me at the same time and I just can't deal. I start to get irritable, cranky, and mentally frizzed out.

Obviously, I need to work on my coping skills and pare down on my responsibilities. But my children/spouse could also assist in giving me some much needed quiet/space.

Since I don't see that happening anytime soon, (I have a really loud and demanding family) I've created it myself. Don't laugh - but here's what I've been doing: Ear plugs.

It sounds stupid, too easy, and weird, but it works! When I need/want to focus on a task, I pop two of these babies into my ears and calmly go about my work. I can cook, type, clean, whatever without the feeling that everyone is yelling at me.

I can still hear EVERYTHING but it's just not quite as piercing. And it really helps me to manage everything at once and actually enjoy what I'm doing at that moment. If you feel stressed out by the multitude of noises in your home, you may want to give it a try. It's a cheap (and chemical free) solution.

A word of caution: I wouldn't use these outside or if you're hearing isn't up to par. I can still hear when I use these, but if you can't, then you may miss something important and set yourself up for serious safety risks.

Also: When you take them out - Cowabunga! The world is ten times louder than ever and it takes awhile to adjust.


Mormon Surrogate said...

Just wanted to say, I too suffer from anxiety from time to time. I'll have to see if hubby has any laying around.

That's awesome that it helps you out!

barbara.montyj said...

Anything that helps is smart!
I have anxiety disorder and understand.

liz said...

Craig uses these religiously and has for years. He also has a different set he uses for when he mows the lawn.

The Busy Chick.Com said...

LOL I love it! I actually have a pair for nighttime so my hubby doesn't wake me with his snoring. Maybe, I'll try them during the day. Hmmmm...

Great post,


Anonymous said...

Amen to your post! Any normal person can go insane without a much needed break!

Ricarda said...

Angela -- that is a wonderful tip. For me, I just take out my hearing aids when the kids are out of control on the noise level. ;)

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