Win free labels (perfect for camp or school) from ID Me Labels

If you're like me, then you've already started planning for school in September. One big part of preparing is writing my kid's names on everything. I hate doing it; for all sorts of reasons. I don't like permanently marking names in clothing because someone else could use it when they've grown out of it and I don't like that it's been marred.

It's also tiring. I start to get lazy toward the end and the names aren't always legible. That's why I'd be happy to win the I.D. Me Labels Giant Camp Combo pack Giveaway! I like that they are permanent enough to last the season but can come off when my kids no longer use the items.

I'd put them on my children's backpacks, lunch bags, individual lunch containers and water bottles, inside their gym shoes, inside their hats and mittens. I'd also put them on our swimming gear and outdoor toys since we often lose our things at the pool and park.

If my kids were attending camps, I'd also label their clothing, sleep stuff, and any of their equipment. If you want a chance to win a bunch of great labels, head to I.D. Me labels and enter. Hurry - the giveaway ends July 12, 2010.


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