Should you marry the pretty girl or the funny girl?

Children are so funny. I didn't expect to hear about "girls" until somewhere in the junior high years. But my kindergartener has already taken notice.

There were 2 girls he talked about constantly. He made necklaces for them, drew them pictures, and brought them candy. But they couldn't have been more different.

He said he "loved" Reese because she was "the most beautiful girl in the world". And she even has pierced ears, lol. But he also really liked Ana. But not for her looks. Now, I've seen them both and I can honestly tell you that they are both beautiful girls. Reese is beautiful in a very Jon Benet sort of way, but the day I met her she seemed bossy and fussy.

Ana is beautiful in a Mary Ann (Giligan's island) sort of way and is all fun. My son runs to get her after school almost every day, and they wildly play until it's time for dinner. She's fast. She's fun. And she's a little wild.

Obviously, there's no need to even think about whom my son will marry some day, but I can't help but think he'll most likely spend a lifetime chasing and thinking about the "Reeses" in the world when there are plenty of fantastic "Anas."

In case my blog is still alive when my children are adults - my message to them is marry someone that can truly be your friend. Someone you have fun with and want to be around. Do not marry for looks. It pretty much never works out.


Becca said...

Looks fade...that's what you have to remember! Nice people usually stay nice :)

Carrie said...

Marry the person who makes you's invaluable when the hard times hit. Marry the person you want to hang out with even if there were no romantic sparks. My husband was my best friend long before either of us was hit over the head by cupid - we laughed at the same jokes, quoted the same movies, enjoyed the same food, and had the same life goals. We just celebrated 10 years of marriage and it has only gotten better. :-)

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