The Money Magnet

My son has an unusual gift.... Money flocks to him. Whenever we go out, he finds at least one coin at each location. Two days ago, he found 56 cents between two stores. Yesterday he found 36 cents. He finds coins and dollar bills - Every single time we go somewhere.

And that's not all. People randomly give him money. Just 2 weeks ago, we were picking up supplies at Home Depot and a man stopped him and give him a dollar bill. He told him to go buy some ice cream.

A month ago, a man stopped my children at the grocery store and offered them both all the change in his pockets. He's a money magnet!

I wouldn't think it was that big of a deal if it's only happened once or twice, but this is the fifth time I can remember him being offered money. People even offered him money as a baby. They'd tell me to "go buy him something." People give him free things at garage sales and expos.

Maybe it's just that we hang out where a lot of generous people tend to circle or maybe it's because we look incredibly homeless (hopefully not!) but it only happens to him. My daughter did get a few coins from the generous grocery shopper but she's never been offered free money or items on her own.

It's a little weird, but then again I tend to attract free things too. Now if I can start attracting money too.... lol


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Okay, major deja vu! He gets it from his daddy, who was just like that growing up!! I'm not even joking! Too funny!

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