Lessons from Creeps in Vans

Everyone knows you shouldn't walk close to a van with a sliding door, right? And everyone knows that strangers offering candy are not to be trusted. But nobody really thinks adults have to worry about this, right?

Wrong! I was recently involved in a creepy van situation - in my own driveway! It happened in the middle of the day.

I was standing in my driveway talking to someone. A red van pulls up in front of my house. A male and female are inside and they seem agitated. The woman yells to me, "COME HERE!" And here is how it all transpires:

Lady in van: COME HERE!
Me: What?
Lady in van: COME HERE!
Me: Why?
Lady in van: I need you to help me.
Me: With what?
Lady in van (visually agitated - Man in van looking crazy): I need directions
Me: Where are you trying to go?
Lady in van (Lady starts huffing and is obviously angry): Come here and I'll show you.
Me (still standing at the top of the driveway and facing lady dead on): Just tell me the address
Lady in van: blah, blah street
Me: I don't know where that is, sorry.
Lady in van: What do you mean you don't know where that is, you live in this city! Come here and take a look at it.

At that point, I turned to the side and resumed my conversation in the driveway. The man driving the van peeled out and raced down our street and off into the distance. What just happened?

The person I was talking to said, "I think you almost got kidnapped."

Huh?? I was suddenly really grateful for my natural disobedience. I never respond well to being "bossed." If she had said, "Hey, can you come here and help me with some directions?" I might have gingerly walked over and tried to help her. All the while being pulled into the van.

At that point, I would have beaten the hell out of them, but I'm just saying. The fact that she demanded I come over there sent me into instant defiance and I wouldn't have helped her even if she was on fire. You know what I mean.

I also realized that creeps can be anywhere. Not just in the "city." Not just in "bad" neighborhoods. They have cars. They have feet. They can be anywhere. It was scary.


Julie said...

I seriously think I would call the non-emergency line at your local police station and just make a report. It really does sound quite suspicious, they may have had other reports too...who knows.

Angel Jacklyn said...

That's totally scary! What a realization, huh?

angie lilly said...

OMG that is really scary! TOTALLY glad you don't like being bossed! LOL eeks! Where did that picture come from? Is that THE van???

Monique,Gerry and family said...

Wow- did you report this?
That is super creepy- love the photo-it's so appropiate.
Lucky for you you were with someone.

blueviolet said...

That is completely freaky!

Lesa Antone said...

Congrats on being bull-headed!! What a scary experience!! It is sad that we cannot trust people anymore, but it seems to be that way sometimes.

Always trust your "gut instinct"--it usually knows what is right!


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