Finally! Someone else understands! What am I talking about? Ponytails - buns - updos. I like to pull my hair back for all sorts of reasons, but I always hate the way it looks from the front. I always feel like a boy when I have my hair pulled back.

We have great pictures from our Cruise where I was in tip top shape, wore a brand new dress, AND had my hair up. I hate those pictures. Because I look like a boy.

So this morning when I combed my daughter's hair into a ponytail, I couldn't help but roll on the ground laughing when she looked in the mirror and instantly declared, "I'M BALD!!!!"

She felt the same way I do. And it was hilarious.


B said...

My daughter always says she has boy hair when I pull her hair into a pony. She thinks it's funny though, she actually likes her hair up.

Anonymous said...

Ha, you two are so cute! I used to put my hair up all the time when it was longer, too.

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