Construction Progress - Drywall is done and cabinets are in!

Phew! Let's just say that I am exhausted! We have finally finished all of our drywall and installed cabinets. This was the longest - dirtiest- section of our project. We'll be finishing up all of our electrical work and the kids and I will finish cleaning up (pardon the mess all over the place) by this weekend.
This wall will change quite a bit once we install the railings and trim.
A quick look at our theater. This room will also change a ton - a mega ton!
The kitchen and family room area.

Obviously, the bedroom, fitness room, and bathroom have made the same progress. I just haven't finished lighting in there yet, so all my pictures are super dark. In my next update, they'll be shining. ;)

Next comes tile work.... and then I'll be back to more normal (aka regular) blogging. And regular everything else. I'm looking forward to going back to my easy life as "just a mom."


blueviolet said...

It's looking awesome, Angela!!!

Kristie from Kristie's List said...

Oh man, I hate drywall!
Last year we bought, remodeled and sold (well, we close next week), a house in NY.
We re-drywalled the WHOLE thing it seemed like, and that dust was EVERYWHERE!!
It even ruined our Xbox! Luckily it was under warranty, but I am still finding that dust on bottles of nail polish, that were stashed away in closets, behind closed doors!
Congrats on wrapping up that part of your project!

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