Cat Toilet Training - The Final Chapter

We began our cat toilet training program when our cat was 11 weeks old. She took to it swimmingly and we were so very hopeful. We cut out the first ring and she continued to use the toilet well. Then we cut out the second ring and she got mad.

She would still urinate in the toilet, but she started pooping in the house. OMG! She pooped in the house! At first I thought - okay, okay, we'll take it back to the first hole and start over. She started using the toilet again, but then she didn't.

It was as if she was saying " F -it! I'm not dealing with this anymore." She started holding it all day long. Then when she couldn't take it anymore, she'd pee in the toilet. And poop on the floor.

And she was doing it on purpose. It was her kitty way of saying "NO!" She would bring me to the places where she pooped, just to show me. She was miserable. She wasn't very loving toward us and we were undeniably upset with her.

This went on for 6 days. As we battled with her, I battled with my husband. He believed that we just needed to "have a stronger will than hers." She's a cat! There is no winning in a battle of wills against a cat. She was willing to tolerate our plans for only so long. She was clearly saying NO.

Eventually, he said if she didn't use the toilet on the 6th day, we'd go back to a litter box. That day she didn't use the bathroom at all. Then around 8 pm, she pooped on the floor. Cowabunga!

I said, "that's it!" and he said, "just one more chance." I had already grabbed the big litter box (with only 2 cups of litter in it) from the garage and put it on the floor. As I turned to go get some litter to add to it, Reya jumped into the box and peed. Then, just to show us she was serious, she forced herself to poop in the box. She sent her message, loud and clear!

So, we put litter into the box and put it back in the laundry room where it all began. And now, 10 days later, she hasn't had a single accident. She's no longer holding it either. She now goes to the box as she needs to. She doesn't have monster sized potty cakes (from the clumping) but ordinary, healthy happy cat muffins. And she's a zillion times happier. And truthfully, so am I.

I wanted a toilet trained cat. And maybe someday she'll be willing to try again. But when she says no, I'm going to listen...and spare myself some nasty clean ups!


Busy Working Mama said...

Thank goodness she pooped in the house instead of peeing in it. We came home after a week at the beach to cat pee on my $1,500 leather chair. Nice. He was pissed we were gone so long - literally :) - despite having my neighbor come check on the cats daily. Thank goodness it was only the cushion so the whole chair's not ruined. Good luck trying again! Your kitty is adorable!

Liz said...

Sorry it didn't work out! I got a good giggle out of "potty cakes" and "happy cat muffins"!

Melissa said...

I've never heard of a potty trained cat before!
that's amazing she actually peed in it!!
but she likes her litter box!!!!!!1

Ruby said...

Omg why did this remind me of meet the parents i think it would be cool but cats the boss

Anonymous said...

they often say cats prefer peeing and pooping in different locations and you should have one more litter box than the number of cats in your house. maybe she wanted to poop somewhere else than where she peed

Anonymous said...

You are super courageous for trying this. I'm kind of hoping your cat gets potty trained too, (it'll give me some hope for my 2 cats!) Good luck!

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I know just how this is. Except I am only trying to potty train my puppy to use the litter box.

Sometimes it is so frustrating but we just need to keep at it. One day we can get our carpets cleaned knowing that there won't be any accidents. Good luck!

john maters said...

My cats are now how i always wanted them to be :D
BIIIIG thumbs up !!

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