Take it slow: Lessons in efficient vacuuming

I tend to do everything quickly. Everything. And it's served me well in everything except relationships, stress levels, and.... Okay, it hasn't really served me well. Except maybe financially. But my super speed has actually been hurting me in one major way.....vacuuming!

I didn't know this, and maybe it's news to you too, but vacuuming quickly is like not vacuuming at all! It's completely unnatural, but if you vacuum slowly (think grandma meets snail), you will vacuum more efficiently and remove way more dust and dirt. Who knew? Well, the guy who sold us our hide-a-hose knew. And I didn't believe him at first. Vacuum slowly? Barf!

But even at a snail's pace, I can still vacuum the whole house in a reasonable amount of time. And I feel so much better knowing I'm getting out more gunk.

Give it a try and you just may have a cleaner house.


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