Some Extreme Mailbox Love!

My mailbox is always fun to open, but this week has been particularly awesome! Check out some of the cool stuff that arrived this week:

Natural Kid's products from episencial
Tria laser hair removal system - This is going to be fun!
Moen-palooza! Our bathroom is going to be so beautiful!
Pretty Pink Pearls - so lovely they started a fight - more on that later!
The Grill Daddy has finally arrived - and just in time for grilling season!
These are NOT what they look like! LOL They are for kids, not adults. ;)

I'll be reviewing all of these goodies over the next few months. Some will take longer than others, and some will be hosting giveaways! Wahoo! It's going to be a fun summer. And there is more on the way.... I'm loving the mail lately. :)


Tosha said...

I'm green with envy!

singedwingangel said...

I want my mailbox to loo like that, along with the plumber to work int he bathroom lol

Becca said...

I normally try not to be a jealous person...but these pictures got me! Looks amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

Can we switch addresses? Do you actually get to review and keep this stuff! Oh man I want your job!

Angela said...

So sorry! I wasn't trying to make anyone jealous. :( And yes, I do get to review/keep all these goodies. And even more arrived today! Sometimes blogging is a really good gig. :)

Shop with Me Mama said...

Yes, those are some nice goodies! :)

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